QuantWave's intelligent sensing system consists of three major functional components: a microfluidic sensor, high frequency microwave sensing module, and embedded AI algorithm analysis software.
Samples will enter the microfluidic sensor for rapid fingerprint identification with real-time data analysis. The microwave sensing module will identify sample fingerprint by detecting signal changes. Raw data will be transferred to the database and processed by our AI system which can export results either to our intelligent data analysis mobile application or to a computer.
QuantWave’s product is able to achieve reliable, intelligent monitoring and sample identification by integrating our microwave sensing system with AI capability. This combination can improve the detection accuracy and predicting power of the system and present a real-time, multi-parameter, and cost-effective sensing system for IoT-based industrial production line.

Product Features

  1. Multi-parameter
  2. Profitable
  3. Chemical free
  4. Real-time inline
  5. AI-powered
  6. New information
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