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QuantWave Technologies Inc. was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Waterloo, ON, Canada, a region known as the Northern Silicon Valley. QuantWave was established to pursue the growing demands of intelligent sensing system for various industries through the application of microfluidic technique integrated with microwave sensing system. QuantWave aims to improve the quality of industrial manufacturing process and finished products, to minimize the capital and operational costs as well as to provide optimal decision-making tools by developing a real-time, AI-powered, multi-parameter intelligent sensing system.


QuantWave intelligent sensing technology can be applied to various industries that empowered by IoT including food & beverage, drinking water, diagnostics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to provide online monitoring and predictive big data analysis.
QuantWave product has been preliminarily verified in the dairy and brewery market providing producers and processors with early warnings of manufacturing abnormalities in a timely manner as well as real-time quality control and assurance solutions.
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QuantWave integrates the microfluidic, high-frequency microwave technologies with AI algorithm to monitor manufacturing processes. This innovative combination allows QuantWave's intelligent sensing system to achieve real-time detection and data collection, which is able to significantly improve the product quality monitoring and help customers to optimize their decision making through data mining.
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